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At Unstoppable, we have one goal: to make sure every dollar you spend on marketing brings more dollars into your business.

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The Challenge

Florida’s unique marijuana-based sensual enhancement oil? That’s a helluva product. And GQ thought so, too. They named Foria their “Sex Product of the Year.” But before all that, when Foria first showed up on Unstoppable’s doorstep, they were at a loss on where to go. Come inside, we told them. Metaphorically speaking of course

As we all know, a great product only gets you into the race. It doesn’t run the race for you


Unstoppable started in a flash by optimizing Foria’s eCom store so that the customer journey was as frictionless as possible. Then came the all-important, 21st-Century step of making their website mobile-friendly. When that was finished, Unstoppable followed with a Facebook launch to increase the brand’s exposure – not always easy on a finicky platform with a penchant for banning “scandalous” posts.

Our achievement

Every single month we were achieving some truly significant ROI. So, Unstoppable’s team went on to run the full gamut for Foria, including everything from building multiple stores, to introducing a fleet of funnel-based landing pages, to running traffic on Adwords. The final result of that full-service approach? Growth, tenfold growth.


After we caught (or re-caught) the customer, Unstoppable created a much greater value in them by implementing pre-purchase upsells and bundling. AOV went up, and – get this – so did revenue.

Email Marketing

We have since implemented fully automated email drip campaigns, and full-fledged email marketing “winback” strategy to both 1) help to remind past customers what they’ve been missing out on and 2) to reel in past brand-curious folks. Sidenote: That’s at least two great things about email, and why the channel itself is consistently considered one of the most lucrative in all of marketing.


A win for Foria. A win for us. A win for customers looking to dial up the spice in their bedroom.