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Putting a feather in their cap, on Facebook

An amazing brand, while truly difficult to create, can only take your business so far. Plenty of defined, unique, and crazy-interesting brands go on to ultimately fail, joining the millions of companies now lost to the Isle of Forgotten Brands.

How could they fail?

Isn’t brand everything?

Simply put: Nah!

Brand doesn’t mean a whole lot if you’re not getting the right message out to the right people.

Understanding and appreciating what resonates with your audience, knowing how to get that message in front of more of “your people”…

That’s what makes or breaks a brand, no matter how strong it may be. Take Boston Scally. When we first joined forces with these lovable, hard-working cap-making Massholes from the heart of Beantown, what we saw was a stellar brand, but a brand that was lacking exposure.


We had a feeling that the more people knew about these guys, the more they’d love them.

(They’re a trio of blue-collar dudes making high-quality newsie-style caps up in Boston? The story writes itself.)

Re-Organizing Ads

We paired up, hit the ground running, and started re-organizing Boston Scally’s Facebook Ads account, adding structured UTM tags to their links, and monitoring ad performance as to get a better feel for who they were targeting. We wanted to know who was buying, who wasn’t, what messaging was working and what messaging wasn’t.


Tracking Process

Relevant Content


With the new tracking processes in place, patterns started to quickly emerge. These patterns weren’t left up to chance or guesswork. Soon, we had data on our side. Lots of it.

Then, with a firm grasp on who was clicking through, and who was inevitably buying Boston Scally’s caps, we began to scale our process. We started split-testing on a daily basis. With new creative and new copy in hand, their company saw exponential growth.

One of the best things about social media is that it tends to be one of the most efficient arenas to test audiences, given how pointed their targeting can be.

So, after we had our Facebook optimization in place and had droves of tasty, tasty hat buyer based information, we started wearing more than one hat ourselves: We went on to conquer Google in the name of Boston Scally Co.

In Adwords, our team made sure that anyone who was searching for their brand, their style of hat, or any number of related terms was brought to the website. Social taught us that the difficulty was that not everybody knew what a ‘scally’ cap is. Our messaging was already sharper because of learning that.

Keyword ResearcH

We then conducted thorough keyword research and added hundreds of new tests to the account.

When traffic increased, we started to leverage it with an email address acquisition campaign, to keep these potential customers in the funnel. Maybe they won’t buy on Day 1, but after a few meaningful drips? Customers see the story, get a feel for their genuinely kick-ass brand, and they buy in.

For creating an incredible brand, we’re proud that Boston Scally is part of Team Unstoppable.

In the time that we have worked with Boston Scally we have been able grow their paid marketing channels by over 2X with ROI.

And for getting that awesome brand out to the right people and giving them a huge ROI, Boston Scally tips their cap to us.

Facebook Ads

Brand Awareness & acquisition posts were created. The post was used strategically throughout the campaign.

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