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The Challenge

Moving with Love and Fit Activewear… Moving eCom Platforms that is Sometimes, even if you’ve got the right product, the right brand, the right message, and the right everything else,​ you could still not be succeeding as much as you’d like. In those cases, the answer is simple: you could just not be using the right tools.


The highly energized team at Love and Fit has both a great product and great marketing savvy, but they were using outmoded eCom software that couldn’t track their customers in any useful or meaningful way. To sell activewear to moms, you gotta be light on your feet! We moved Love and Fit’s entire platform to the eCom world’s best-in-class, Shopify, and pretty soon, Love and Fit’s conversion rates increased dramatically.


Once we could start collecting the right kinds of data, we were able to discover more insights on Love and Fit’s target market. We started to build audience segments based on past order history and used all the data we could to apply it to tests of various products on Facebook. Once we had a pulse on the active moms who most enjoyed Love and Fit’s feel, we crafted targeted creative (particularly video) that went viral (with hundreds of thousands of views), launching brand exposure, and sales.


To make the most out of Love and Fit’s already healthy email list, which they had been acquiring for months, we created automated email sequences, including Pre-Purchase, Post Purchase, Browse Abandonment, and Abandoned Cart. As you can see below, it was the smart move.


Love and Fit serve as a great example of how a company can truly explode overnight once all appropriate channels–and tools– are used to their full potential.

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