The Most Important Metrics in Facebook

If you’ve ever dabbled in Facebook marketing and scrolled through your ad account page, you probably learned very quickly that Facebook sends you a lot of data. In fact, it can be incredibly overwhelming to sort through all the metrics, especially if you don’t know what they’re for.

Unfortunately, many amateur marketers decide to ignore this overwhelming slough of information and focus on just one thing: ROAS (return on ad spend). Obviously, you want to be making money off your ads. However, you’ll be able to do so much more efficiently if you take a closer look at these 5 important metrics first.

  1. Engagement

    If your posts aren’t getting engagement, they aren’t getting results! That’s why it’s so critical for you to track the likes, shares, and comments on your posts and videos. Lots of engagement means that people like what you’re sending out. And if Facebook sees that one of your ads is getting lots of attention, the algorithm is more likely to increase its exposure to your followers.
  2. Referral Traffic

    One of the best signs that your Facebook marketing is going well is a strong referral rate to your website. This is something you’ll measure off of Facebook on your website’s traffic tracker, but it’s still vital. Posts and ads with lots of referral traffic have a good chance of ending with plenty of conversions on your website, so you want to keep those circulating. If you’re not getting much traffic to your website (or you’ve noticed a sudden decline in clicks), reevaluate your content and headlines to make sure they’re attention-grabbing.
  3. Reach

    Your post reach shows how many people have seen your content in a given period. Obviously, you want your reach to be as broad as possible. However, the average organic reach is a measly 5.2%! That’s why paid ads and promoted posts can give your reach a much-needed boost. But don’t just boost everything. Instead, pay attention to which posts do receive the best organic reach and focus your efforts on promoting those because you know they’re already getting attention.
  4. Video Retention

    People have very short attention spans these days. And while your latest 5-minute video may be visually stunning, it’s a waste of time and ad space if most people don’t watch more than the first few seconds. That’s why it’s so important to track your video retention rates! Take a close look to see how many people watch your videos and where they start to lose interest. Use those numbers to figure out how to keep your videos more exciting or consider shortening them altogether.
  5. Click-Through Rates (CTR)

    You can’t make sales without a good CTR. Ads that aren’t getting clicked on aren’t doing their job, so it’s essential to watch each ad’s CTR. Additionally, Facebook notes when your ads aren’t getting much attention and can charge you more for each click because of it! If your ads have low click-through rates (less than .9%), it’s time to change things up. Try new pictures, headlines, or text to compel your audience to make that vital click.

    Facebook has so many more metrics you can watch, but these will help you evaluate how well your ad dollars work for you. Even if the numbers are a little overwhelming at first, it’s so important to keep an eye on these to gauge your ads’ performance and know when to stop or keep going.

    And if something is working, keep doing it and do your best to recreate those results with new ads that keep all eyes on you!